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Designers can impact the financial performance of a company. Fast Company - Mark Wilson


REA Group: When we entered the awards, our realestate.com.au mobile apps had been downloaded over 1.2 million times (now over 2 million!) and our latest updates had received great feedback from consumers. The awards were an opportunity for our apps to be recognised by the people who use them as well as the broader mobile industry. As you can imagine, we were pretty chuffed to win a Mobie and kudos goes to our project team who created the winning iPhone and iPad universal app.

John Douglas, JDA Architects."JDA Architects were delighted to recieve a Melbourne Design Award for our Imaging at Olympic Park fitout. In particular we valued the recognition through a broader design community than from just within our own profession. The fact that the Melbourne Design Awards covered such a variety of design disciplines helped make the programme a worthwhile statement about the state of design in Melbourne, and to be an award winner in such company is very rewarding. Further our clients are thrilled to bits and now proudly display their copy of the award at their centre."

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